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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

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Would you like to feel better?

Come in for Stress Relief Acupuncture


Only $25!

An inexpensive way to feel better now...

Ear Acupuncture...

  • relax
  • relieve stress
  • receive a fully body tune-up
  • relieve any pain or discomfort
  • heal any health concerns or disease
  • quit cigarettes, "recreational" drugs, pharmaceuticals, or cut food or sugar cravings and relieve the side effects or flu-like symptoms of coming off of these
  • time for a healthy pick-me-up
  • try acupuncture in a relaxed atmosphere
  • bring friends or family to enjoy the healing benefits of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

DATES:  Monday through Friday
TIME:  Come in at a time that is good for you, Stay for 20 - 60 minutes.
LOCATION: here at Stonington Natural Health Center, 107 Wilcox Road, Suite 103, Stonington.

PRICE:  Only 25!  Or if you would like to lie down in a private room and relax, only $50 in private room.

SIMPLY CALL:  860.536.3880 to let us know that you are coming

For a full list of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Health Services and prices, please go to:  http://www.snhc.com/services.htm

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

available Monday through Friday!


It is time for you to achieve your health goals.  She looks forward to helping your friends, family, and you for all your health concerns.

Megan Marco is here to help you at whatever stage you are at in your life.

Please call today to schedule your appointments:  860.536.3880

Spread the Health!

Refer a friend for Acupuncture, your friend gets 15% off their first Full Acupuncture Treatment, and you earn points on Perkville!


We love helping your friends, family, and you be healthier and happier.


Products We Carry

Pure Lotus Restaurant, Nanjing, China, October 9, 2007

Photo by Megan Marco

  • Chinese Herbs --  We carry many reputable, good quality brands including:  Golden Flower, Seven Forests, Pine Mountain, and White Tiger.
  • Seven Forests Formulas
  • Organic Vitamins
  • Organic teas
  • High Quality Fish Oil

        We love to help you chose gifts for your friends and family.  Come in and make a fun, holistic gift basket.

        Megan Marco loves to transition all your medicine cabinet items into holistic, healthy items.  For example, if you have an upset stomach, the Chinese Formula called Pill Curing works wonders and it's good for you -- no chemicals or pharmaceuticals!  If you're catching a cold, she will look at what stage your cold is at and prescribe the appropriate Chinese Herbal Formula.  Call today to set up your Herbal and Nutritional Consultation.  Herbal and Nutritional Consultations are included in your Acupuncture session.

Love is in the air!


Wedding Picture from Purple Mountain, Nanjing, China

Photo by Megan Marco October 9, 2007

Wanting to attract more love into your life?  Love starts from within.  The first step in attracting love from others... is to learn to love yourself.  Acupuncture can help with this process of learning to love you, inside and out.  Megan Marco is here to help you with loving yourself!

A few steps to get you started on the path to self-loving, inner love, and peace:

1)  Breathe deeply.  Take nice deep breaths to bring in fresh oxygen into your body.

2)  Put on your favorite music and dance around.  My older son adds, "If you can't do this, then hum or sing your favorite song."                       

3)  Smile!  Nothing is more beautiful and loving than a smile.  Look at yourself in the mirror and smile.  Love who you see.  Maybe you haven't fully looked into your eyes for a while.  Tell yourself, "I love you!"

4)  Give your pets, siblings, parents, children, and relatives a hug and tell them that you love them.  Love what you are surrounded by -- send loving energy out to your surroundings.  Being thankful and grateful for the little and big things in life allows your heart to feel love.

5)  Come in for an Acupuncture treatment at Stonington Natural Health Center to feel love physically, emotionally, and spiritually as your body heals.  Let go of stress.  Acupuncture helps stress to leave your body so that you can relax and feel love!



Building at Castle in Nanjing, China

Photograh by Megan Marco, October 2007 during studies of the

Chinese Classic Formulas with Dr. Huang Huang.


Our Invitation

     Here at Stonington Natural Health Center we offer Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Herbal Formulas, and Massage.  Our wonderful staff will schedule an appointment for you.  Call today:  860.536.3880 or use our online scheduler and free app through MindBodyOnline.

      Drop in to see our beautiful center with its relaxing treatment rooms and friendly practitioners, located on the serene Quiambaug Cove, 107 Wilcox Road, Stonington, Connecticut.

       We look forward to seeing you soon!


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