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"Does Acupuncture treat _____?"

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine stimulate your body's natural ability to heal itself.  It does not matter what the health concern or problem is, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine allow your body's own clean-up crews to come in and do tissue repair.  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine decrease inflammation and increase circulation.  Your whole body, muscles, organs, joints, etc., can then mend and get better.  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are excellent for keeping you healthy, too.  For this reason, it is ideal to come in when you have nothing wrong as well.  After you are at your optimal level of health, we recommend seasonal or monthly tune-ups, although many enjoy coming in weekly for a time of relaxation and to rejuvenate.

We all know that things do go wrong, however, and when this occurs, the Chinese have pretty much seen it all.  There are Acupuncture and therapeutic protocols, herbal formulas, and nutritional and lifestyle changes to assist you in healing and achieving your ideal health.

One of the philosophies of Chinese Medicine is that when you have symptoms, these are signs of imbalance.  The energy, or Qi (pronounced Chee), in your body may be deficient in one area shown by weakness or blocked in another area shown by pain or disease.  Dr. Megan Marco wants you to know that she does not judge; she is only here to help you.

A second important philosophy of Chinese Medicine which stems from the Taoists, who observe nature, is that everything is changeable.  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine work by moving and balancing your energy and thereby balancing you.  Therefore you can see how the list of symptoms and diseases that Acupuncture treats could be very long.

So thankfully the answer is YES, Acupuncture treats _____!  Acupuncture brings you to your highest state of health and helps you to optimize your potential.  Acupuncture helps you to live a healthier and happier life.  And what you do today not only helps in the short term, but helps you in your next decades of life.

Acupuncture rewires the circuitry in your body.  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine decrease inflammation and increase circulation to areas that need it.  Dr. Megan Marco will give you a Treatment Plan and will work with you.   It is of utmost important for you to be an active participant in your health care.  By being an active participant, we will be a team in achieving your health goals.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are effective for treating many disorders including:

Pain ~~ headaches, toothaches, earaches, trigeminal neuralgia, neck pain, bursitis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, muscle sprains, spasms, arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries and auto injuries

• Stress ~~ emotional or stress-related problems, anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, poor concentration, insomnia, physical and emotional exhaustion, chronic infections, lowered resistance to colds

• Respiratory ~~ allergies, asthma, sinusitis, sinus inflammation, nasal inflammation or dryness, bronchitis, colds and flu

• Digestive ~~ stomach ulcers, intestinal ulcers, hiccups, inflammation of the colon/colitis, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery caused by certain bacteria

• Gynecological ~~ PMS, painful menses, fertility, menopause, fibrocystic breast disease

• Cardiovascular ~~ heart palpitations, hypertension, high blood pressure

• Neurological Conditions ~~ pain, migraines, neuralgia, stroke residuals, Parkinson's disease

• Autoimmune ~~ chronic fatigue, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS

• Addictions ~~ cravings and withdrawal from nicotine, alcohol, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs

• Eye Disorders ~~ poor vision, tired eyes, eye strain, inflammation of conjunctiva, inflammation of the central retina, nearsightedness, and uncomplicated cataracts

• Muscular Disorders ~~ injuries, pain, weakness, sprains, strains, disc problems, sciatica, muscle cramping

• Nicotine Addiction/Quit Smoking

Side Effects of Chemotherapy



Dr. Megan Marco has Advanced Training in Fertility with both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.

Q:  How did you get interested in treating fertility? A:   It was natural that I became an expert on fertility because of my own trials and tribulations.  After having HELLP Syndrome after my first child, two miscarriages and then difficulty conceiving, I dove into Advanced Studies of conception, fertility, and healthy pregnancy in a series of weekend seminars with Lyn Swerda in Boston.  In addition, October 2007 I studied the Classical Chinese Formulas in China with Dr. Huang to learn a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese Herbal Formulas for fertility.  I tackled my own hurdles related to fertility and pregnancy and now have an energetic toddler.  I greatly enjoy helping people get pregnant, have healthy pregnancies, induce their births, and then have energy after the baby (or babies!) come.  I have quite a few twin success stories and natural fertility success stories as well as success with enhancing IVF and IUI.


  Families benefit from Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine  


Acupuncture is effective for people of all ages.  Dr. Megan Marco treats babies through elderly.  Children love Acupuncture!  Megan's sons have been receiving Acupuncture since they were 6 months old, for everything from colds to growing pains to focus in school.

Whether you have a specific health concern or are coming in for general well-being, you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and deeply relaxing and healing Acupuncture treatments are.  Add the herbal formulas to your treatment protocol, and you have added the building blocks that give your body the ingredients and nutrients that it needs to heal itself.

Health is priceless.  Acupuncture helps you to be comfortable in your own body.  Health is Wealth.

   Facial Rejuvenation Treatments  


Let your inner beauty radiate through your face. Natural beauty originates from much deeper levels than the outermost layers of skin. It emanates from the balance that exists within the body. Facial rejuvenation treatments can work to reveal your inner beauty, bringing a radiant glow and energizing lift to your face.

Also known as Acupuncture facelifts, these treatments can help improve many facial conditions such as acne, dry skin, sagging skin, wrinkles, scars, double chin, and bags and circles under the eyes.  Facial Rejuvenation Treatments are a series of 15 treatments grouped close together. 

Dr. Megan Marco trained with one of the American pioneers of Facial Rejuvenation, Acupuncturist Virginia Doran from Manhattan.  Facial Rejuvenation is subtle, effective, and helps to shape the face like clay.  The treatments lift the skin of the face; build collagen to push out any wrinkles; fade scars; and increase circulation to bring more vitality and a healthy glow to the face.  The Acupuncture facelift does not involve botulism, like botox, nor does it inject any chemicals into or onto the skin or involve any surgery.  It is a healthy way to look and feel younger and happier.

With a combination of Acupuncture and herbs, we will treat the underlying cause of aging while helping you to look and feel better.  Call now to schedule your first Facial Rejuvenation Treatment ~ 860.536.3880

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